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Hi, there. Glad you decided to visit my website. However, if you landed here by mistake, that's okay. Why not stick around a few minutes and take a tour?

Yes, I'm Bruce Thomason, as you no doubt gathered from seeing my name in large type at the top of the page. I'm a recently-retired cop who decided to write, at the encouragement of my lovely bride, about the crazy stuff I encountered in my 45-year law enforcement career. Stuff most people assume has to be fiction but isn't. Oh, no. Trust me on this. All cops experience things no writer, no matter how imaginative he or she might be, could ever envision.

So, since you made it this far, take a look around. Read the blurbs on my little Christmas story, Santa's Super Rescue: How Beezle T. Claus Tried To Steal Christmas, and the first two books in my ongoing police thriller series, Body Toll, and The Six O'clock Rule. Then, check out the video book trailer on The Six O'clock Rule to get an overview of the story and see what I think the main characters look like.

Finally, shoot me an email . . . uh, okay, "shoot" is probably not the best word considering the topic of the thriller series. "Send" me an email with your thoughts about the stories or anything else you'd like to discuss.
Take care. Happy reading!

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